About Us

ZZ Group. was established in 1994 and is located in Songjiang District, the western suburbs of Shanghai, 25km away from Shanghai city.
The company has dozens of large-scale silicone oil coating equipment, slitting, slitting and rewinding machines.
In 2018, the company invested 27,000 square meters of factory area in Longyou County, Quzhou City, and established ZZ Industrial (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.., with four new automated production lines with an annual output of more than 9,000 tons.
With advanced production equipment, skilled technical team, and diligent and united employees, we can accurately and efficiently meet the various needs of customers in different industries.

Our products include:
Silicone baking paper, parchment paper,food grade greaseproof paper, steamer paper, etc.

The food grade papers comply with FDA standard, mainly used in food cooking&packaging, kitchens and pastry industries; The majority of our products are exported directly to North-America,European countries, Southeast Asia, East Asia and Australia,etc.

Why Choose Us?
1. Our company as a baking paper manufacturer in China,we have more 10 years experience in silicon coating.
2. Our products have been granted the national patent certification.
3. The security of our paper is highly guaranteed due to the standard dustless. workshop and severe sanitation control. Before entering the workshop, the staff must change to working uniforms, shoes and undergo a series of sterilization, disinfection and dust removal procedures.  

1. Our products have been well recognized with many authoritative certificates granted, including American FDA/SGS, ISO9001,Kosher,WCA as well as Chinese QS.
2. Our silicon oil is odorless, oil-proof, and high temperature resistant, contributing a lot to food safety.
3. Orders for various types are available, whether in piece or in roll. 
4. Timely delivery within 15 to 30 days. The baking paper in roll can even deliver to the clients within 7 days.
5. Professional technicians conduct routine physic and heat-resistance tests of the products to ensure the paper quality.

Our company's qualifications:
Business license, ISO9000 certificate, printing license, and tax registration certificate.

How We Work

Our company possesses the state-of-art equipment which is composed of four coating machines, four slitters, two presses, two slicing machines and a few rolling machines. With our advanced equipment, skillful technicians and corporation-loving employees, we are capable to customize qualified products as customers' various demands.